Raku Experience!

A two part workshop 17th & 24th November 2018, 11 a.m - 1 p.m.


Experience the excitement of ancient Japanese pottery firing at our Raku workshop!

Raku (‘happiness by chance’) is traditional Japanese ceramic firing that brings together the natural elements: earth, fire, air, water, metal and wood.

This workshop is split over two Saturdays.  On day one we’ll be making our raku pieces.  You'll learn how to make a Japanese tea bowl (feel free to make something else if you prefer).  We’ll be using special raku clay and after the session your work will be dried and then bisque fired in the studio kiln.

On day two we’ll be raku firing! You'll glaze your bowl and then we'll move outdoors to load the raku kiln.  Raku firing is quick and soon your piece will be moved, piping red hot, from the kiln to the wood filled reduction chamber. This is when the magic happens! Beneath the smoke, the raku body and glaze colours fuse together transforming into unique lustres and crackled textures. Finally your raku piece will plunged into ice cold water, ready for you to burnish and reveal your new creation! 

We anticipate participants will have their own raku pieces to take away at the end of day two. This course will be led by experienced Raku potter and studio technician Clare O’Leary.  Participants will not handle any of the hot materials during the raku firing. If high winds prevail on day two, the firing will be held on the following day:  25th November and a message will be posted here and on the sabalipots.com home page to confirm this decision has been taken. 

The workshop costs 60 GBP per person for the two day workshop and all materials included.