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About Us


Our Oxford studio opened in June 2018 and since then we've been a community of potters sharing a studio space where we can be creative, swap ideas and develop our pottery skills.


Founder Helen Baillie says:


“Using a community pottery studio helps us slow down, un-glue ourselves from our screens, and re-connect with our creativity and each other!


“Most of us have full time jobs and do this on the side for fun. The studios don't employ any staff which keeps our costs down, we all help out to keep the studios ship shape.  The shared spaces are quite small so they're not for professional or production potters. Some of our members do sell their work online and we also run pottery markets, check out our Instagram posts for details.  

 ‘We're really happy to be part of Makespace Oxford and the wider global community of maker spaces.  In an age of mass consumerism and digital technology, it's soul satisfying and to take the time out to make something unique, by hand.  And what better material to work with than clay? It’s straight out of the ground ....planet Earth!”




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