About Us


Since June 2018, when our Oxford studio first opened, we’ve provided affordable, friendly, access to a fully equipped pottery studio. It’s a space for people to be creative, share ideas and develop pottery skills.

Founder Helen Baillie says:

“Using a community pottery studio helps us slow down, un-glue ourselves from our screens, and re-connect with our pottery and each other!

“Our potters, generally, like me, have a full time occupation and do this on the side for fun. So the studios aren’t for professional or production potters, although some members do successfully sell their work online.  

 ‘We're really happy to be part of Makespace Oxford and the wider global community of maker spaces.  In an age of mass consumerism and digital technology, it's soul satisfying and relaxing to take the time out to make something unique, by hand.  And what better material to work with than clay? It’s straight from the Earth!”